Juli's Kids

Fostering Hope, Fostering Care, Inspiring Infinite Possiblities

Juli’s Kids Motivated to Succeed (Juli’s Kids) is celebrating 16 years of service to more than 28,000 children who come to us for care each year. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of today’s abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless children. Many have been rescued from abusive and neglectful homes and placed in emergency child protective services, group homes or with compassionate foster care parents. Most are waiting to be adopted into loving and caring families. We’ve watched them grow. Celebrated birthdays and holidays. Happy days and sad days—we’ve been with them through it all. That’s why we’re more than just a charity. We’re a part of the community. And our kids are more than just statistic; they’re part of our family. A very loving family of professionals, counselors, therapists, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, actors, music artists, volunteers and social workers.

The majority of our children have faced some of life’s toughest challenges at an early age; some unfortunately suffered from abuse and neglect on a daily basis. When the neglect or abuse suffered by a child presents a serious and substantial threat to his/her life, health or development, we work with various family agencies to provide a protective haven and family-like environment. It is our unwavering mission and driven purpose to provide every child with a safe, secure, and affectionate home.

Since our inception in 1999, Juli’s Kids has been 100% dedicated to caring for children who have been exposed to physical and/or psychological trauma. Our ardent effort and devotion have brought hope for a brighter tomorrow for kids unsure where their next meal was coming from. Juli’s Kids has given confused youths peace of mind and a sense of stability. As we help lessen the fear of uncertainty amongst infants, adolescents, teens and young adults, we take pride in knowing that we are making a difference in a child’s life. All young dreamers deserve a committed, nurturing family, and other enduring connections to grow and develop to their full potential. It is our philanthropic responsibility to introduce and join the many children in need of love with families willing to open their hearts. We passionately assist with the child placement process, and help youths feel love, affection, support and encouragement, as well as provide them with education and inspiration