Brazil beats Chile in World Cup Qualifiers

Brazil became the first South American team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022 when they defeated Columbia 1-0 in the qualifiers. Vinicius Junior scored his first international goal when Brazil beat Chile in a World Cup qualifier at the Maracana Stadium. Vinicius Jr. was delighted with his first goal for Brazil. It was a particular goal for Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr as he was first in the national team in his twelfth game since he arrived at the Maracana.

Ecuador and Uruguay secured their place at the World Cup in Qatar, joining Brazil and Argentina from South America. Brazil is a perennial favourite in the World Cups. Despite losing the Copa América final to Argentina at the start of the season, Brazil maintains that position for the 2022 World Cup.

Brazil is now on 42 points in 16 qualifying games, with 13 wins and three draws. Brazil will play Bolivia on the road in the next match, so their winning streak will not exceed 13 games this season. Interestingly, the 4-0 victory over Chile was the fifth chance in their qualifying campaign in which the Brazilians scored at least four goals in one match.

Chile can now only hope for a place in the playoffs. Uruguay defeated Peru 1-0, Ecuador lost 1-3 to Paraguay, and the two teams each scored 25 points. On Thursday, the third-placed Ecuadorian lost 3-1 to Paraguay, but Ecuador secured a streak of quarter-finals after fourth-placed Uruguay beat Peru 1-0 in Montevideo.  A day before the end of the World Cup qualifiers in the CONMEBOL zone, and in anticipation of the outcome of the match between Argentina and Venezuela this Friday, Brazil lengthened its pace, while the other two countries qualified for the World Cup, which will be held on Arab soil.

Brazil has consistently produced the best talents in the world of football, and because of that, they are called favourites for every tournament. During the Olympics last year, Brazil’s National team won the Olympic Gold Medal in football; this was their second consecutive gold medal in Olympics Football. Brazil has a very versatile team with top players from almost all of Europe and America. With their players playing with the top teams in Europe, they will be very experienced to play in such big tournaments. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times and is the most successful team in the tournament. With the likes of top players, Brazil will try to regain this beautiful trophy one more time. Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002 when the tournament took place in South Korea.

Brazil, who stands first in the World Cup qualifiers in the CONMEBOL zone, will look to continue the same form in Qatar. Can Brazil lift the World Cup this time?