Canelo Alvarez will be the guest of honor at the Liga MX final

Sal “Canelo” lvarez was a special guest at the first leg of the Liga MX final between Atlas and Pachuca and stated unequivocally that he is now a Zorros fan.

Canelo was perplexed because he stated that, while he has never supported any team, he is a fan of another team from Guadalajara, Chivas. To put it simply, not even Canelo understood himself.

The super middleweight world champion arrived at Jalisco Stadium to attend the opening game of the final and was requested to leave a message for the Rojinegros.

“We’re going to win, we’re going to win again,” Canelo, who also enjoys golf, remarked.

“I was never a fan of any team, but now I am one hundred percent with Atlas,” Canelo said as he continued on his way to enter the stadium. “I’m for both (Chivas and Atlas), but I’m for Atlas (now), to be honest,” Canelo, who was wearing a yellow shirt and glasses, said.

Atlas defeated Pachuca 2-0 in the first leg of the final

Canelo witnessed Atlas, the current Liga MX reigning champion, defeat Pachuca 2-0, a squad that will be seeking for a comeback when the second leg is contested next Sunday at the Hidalgo Stadium.

Canelo was in Mexico City earlier this week to promote the “No Golf, No Life” competition, and he stated that if coach Eddy Reynoso welcomed him to the Jalisco, he would gladly come to support the Rojinegros.

Canelo was also the honoured guest for the commencement of the Jalisco Open, and he took advantage of his visit to the city to go to the arena, where the Rojinegros were waiting for the first blow that would give them the option of going on to win the tournament for the second time in a row!

Back-to-back Liga MX championships would demonstrate that Atlas’ title run in the Apertura campaign was not a fluke. A new era under Grupo Orlegi’s leadership, which took over in 2019, would continue to build momentum for the group, which is planning to create a rebuilt academy and training facilities.

It would also be a much-needed happy ending to their season, which had been marred by terrible fan violent scenes in their March 5 match at Queretaro.

Just a few weeks ago, when I thought of Atlas, pictures of their supporters being hounded on the pitch of the Estadio Corregidora sprang to mind.

Months after their players and fans were forced to flee via the pitch and stadium tunnels in Queretaro, some welcome optimism would return to Atlas if they win back-to-back titles.