Football’s next destination is the unknown case of Lionel Messi

Barcelona and Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi has been linked with a move away from the club after years of speculation linking him with a move away from the club. Including the families.

But in the end, Messi did not live up to his promise and was forced to stay at Barcelona this season.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires in 2021. A club that wanted to buy the player had to spend 700 700 million.

“There is a clause in my contract with Barcelona that says ‘if I want to say goodbye’, I want to implement it.”

Lionel Messi joined Barcelona as a 12-year-old. He has won 34 trophies with his teammates, including 10 La Liga titles. Years later, 33-year-old Messi will have to decide which club to hang his shoes on.

Although he has been linked with a move away from Barcelona in the past, he has yet to leave the club.

The decision to stay with his father in Spain, much to the dismay of many in his family, had disappointed many. The decision had the power to change his life.

Messi’s undisclosed focus has been on Barcelona’s Champions League clash with Paris Saint-Germain this week. PSG have repeatedly expressed their admiration for Lionel Messi and want him to join the club.

As the game drew to a close, French media began to report on Messi. Another newspaper reported that Lionel Messi was wearing a PSG shirt. It also details the conditions under which the player can join PSG.

PSG star and former Barcelona player Neymar has also commented. After beating Manchester United in the Champions League last December, Neymar said: “The next thing I want to do is play Messi again. I want to play football with him on the pitch.”

“If he wants to, he can play where I play. He has no problem. I’m sure he will join PSG alone. It’s not a big deal. Playing with him again is my biggest dream. I’m sure this will happen next year.”

Other PSG players, Di Maria and Verratti, and PSG sporting director Leandro Peres have made it clear that Lionel Messi wants to join Barcelona if he does not want to play.

In a statement to the media after the drama, Messi said he was “unhappy” with the way people were reacting to his decision and that he was “surprised” by the pressure on his friends.

Complicating matters is Neymar’s decision to stay at PSG and Killian Mbabane’s decision to leave the club and start negotiations with the club. If these football stars stay at PSG, Messi is expected to join them.

On the other hand, when Messi announced his departure from Barcelona, ​​it was widely rumored that the destination could be Manchester City, led by former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. In fact, it is said that they reached an agreement.

Current Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola coached Messi for four years from 2008 to 2012. In four years, he has won three La Liga and two Champions League trophies.

“I am very lucky because at least I have coached the best player in the world, Lionel Messi,” said Guardiola.

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This has led many to speculate that they may now be reunited with their loved ones. But Guardiola says it is unthinkable. “[Barcelona] will stay there, and that’s what I want,” he said.

Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer Lionel Messi is the only player to have won the Ballon d’Or six times and won 10 La Liga and four Champions League trophies during his time at Barcelona. He also has a contract with Barcelona until the end of 2021.

Messi’s move to Manchester City has left the club’s star players such as Kevin Debrane in a difficult position. Because Debraine is hesitant to sign a contract with the club. The club’s offer to the player is far less than Debraine would have thought or wanted. And some say that Manchester City, who are saving money, may have to pay Messi if he comes.

In any case, Barcelona’s presidential election next March will signal the club’s decision and Lionel Messi’s destination.

Lionel Messi broke Pelé’s record in December with his 644th goal for Barcelona.

Messi scored the only goal of the game with a goal from Barcelona in a game against Real Valladolid. Messi broke the record for Brazilian club Pelé, scoring many goals for a club.

The 33-year-old Argentine converted a luxury ball from his team-mate Pedri in Barcelona’s win over Real Valladolid.

Pelé played for Santos from 1956 to 1974. Pelé, who has played for his country club for 19 seasons, has scored 643 goals.

What to expect next?

Messi has netted four times in eight appearances for PSG during his time at Barcelona. The only decision he has made so far is not to leave Barcelona until the end of the season.

His main concern is the club’s presidential election in March. Former president Juan Laporta is widely rumored to be winning, with analysts claiming that Messi could stay at Barcelona if he wins.

If he wins the presidential election, he will be the first to sell up to four Frenchmen and raise up to ሚሊ 200 million. The players for sale are Antoine Griezmann, Osman Dembele, Clement Longle and Samuel Umtiti.

The proceeds from the sale of these players will be used to buy stars such as David Alaba, Erika Garcia and Erling Hland.

Now the big question is, who will spend so much money (ሚሊ 200 million) on players when the coronavirus has collapsed, including football? That is to say.

Messi did not hide his desire to go to the United States. His wife, Antonella, has a close relationship with the wife of former club friend Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas and his wife want Messi and his wife to come to the United States and spend their last years there.

He repeatedly tried to persuade them to come to the United States.

Barcelona have not beaten Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or Sevilla since European Championship 2019. This is a great disappointment for the victorious Messi. If Barcelona do not show that they can beat these clubs sooner or later, Messi may leave Barcelona for good.