Shimeles Bekele wants to return the national team to the African stage

Like most Ethiopian children, football and Shimeles Bekele were introduced to the school. Shimeles, who started playing ball in the small space of the break, returned to the camp and spent an hour with his classmates playing an hour-long ball the night before the study.

He is currently playing for Egyptian Premier League rival Misre Le Makassa.

Shimeles Bekele, one of the key players in the Ethiopian national team’s qualifying match for the Africa Cup of Nations against Madagascar today, told the BBC about his ‘professional’ football career.

Opportunity to play in the Egyptian League

I had the opportunity to go to Egypt and play: First of all, my short stay in Libya and Sudan and my activities in Ethiopia. I played in Sudan for six months. While I was preparing for the national team for two months, my current agent asked me to send him videos.

They sent him pictures of my stay abroad and my stay in the country. I also have a record of going out and playing, but I think Asu helped me. A club called Petrojet watched the videos.

The coaches were happy. The assistant coach in particular was more pleased with me. They talked better in person than the video, and I was happy. They came to see me during a game against Algeria in Addis Ababa; Even though we lost two to one, they were happy with my move and I had the opportunity to sign for the club.

When in your professional football life do you call it golden ?

In my professional football career, I think the golden age is where I was Petrojet two years ago. I’ve never been a team leader in my football career. I was an amber at the time. This is a great thing for me to be the leader of my first club Petrojet after I left the country.

How did you get the position of the national team?

The position of the Ethiopian national team varies from year to year. When I left, there were 18 strong clubs in the Premier League, especially last year. This year, it is known that there are 13 clubs. This in itself has its own impact on the position of the national team. But now I think our league is being shown live to the world [via DSTV] and it will bring its own good.

Foot volleyball and the corona virus , how is it going?

Following the arrival of the coronavirus, according to FIFA rules, we will always have a game checked two days in advance. A person with coronavirus does not play. The same is true in Ethiopia.

You are preparing for the Africa Cup of Nations. Nine years have passed since Ethiopia qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations . Do you think the current team will pass?

Yes, I believe we will qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. Last week’s friendly against Malawi was a success. Outstanding players from various clubs have been called up to the national team. Every player is in a good position.

Just as we finished last week’s game well, we will win our game against Madagascar. This is because we have great players and great coaches. So why not qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations?

Were you passing by my team African Cup in how you feel about the country’s commuters?

We have not participated in any African Cup of Nations in the last nine years. This is a very long time. But now that we are in our 10th year, I want to go through the team and feel the same way we did again.

We now have only three players in the squad for the Africa Cup of Nations at that time. We want the new children to feel the same way we did. When the time came, I was reminded of the great excitement and joy of nature in the national team. I want that feeling to be repeated.

His feelings for the people were strong. He left a lot to look at the ball and reflected his great passion for the country. The joy of qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations was great.

Given the current state of affairs in our country, we want that feeling to come back. If we go to the Africa Cup of Nations with God, I think the time will come when we will forget everything.

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. There is no peace. I want the people to have peace and to have the feeling of happiness.

If a new young players coming into the national team after the is one of Aboo nosebleeds frequently raised in his name. From play coupled with Sue ‘s how do you find?

Abubakar Nasser and I now have the opportunity to play together in the national team. In my eyes, he is the best player in short. Not just for me, but for everyone. He is a good player.

The boy is only 21 years old; It can reach great heights. From now on, if he works hard and perseveres, his performance will be promising. He is a boy who plays without raising his head. Eventually, he was able to reach my goal.

Football analysts say Ethiopian players have lost their chances but are technically competent. What did you observe when you left the country ?

Yes, we have good players technically, but there are not many opportunities related to football. There are some very talented football players in Ethiopia.

It was my coaching problems, material problems, and so on. Given these opportunities, Ethiopian players can be very successful and come to professional football.

Seven of how people live in Egypt, Matt useful?

I have many Egyptian friends. In addition to my club partners, I have Egyptian friends in my area. We talk well, we have good friends. There was no pressure on my football life. We have never talked about political issues much; But not everyone is for his country; After all, they have a great character.

If you were a teenager and you went to a football academy with your current knowledge, what skills would you improve ?

I would like to work hard on my football skills. But I think I’m focusing too much on the core fitness. Because no matter how technical a person is, it is difficult to cope if he is weak. Maybe I should go back to my childhood academy and work hard on my physical strength.

Ethiopian players often return home unsuccessfully. MIC ‘s where the sealing?

Psychology is a serious problem in football life. Another is that we need to go there and improve our skills. Otherwise, competence will come down; Then demand decreases. There are many seemingly insurmountable challenges.

For example, the player should eat at home. I couldn’t cook either. It was a real challenge. He longs for a country. And the person who was playing and said he was coming back immediately. The key to success is to be strong and patient. There are so many problems that need to be dealt with and disciplined.

Is there any benefit to watching the Ethiopian Premier League on television ?

The current live broadcast of the current Premier League is likely to be highly anticipated. As I said before, there are many talented players in Ethiopia. Clubs should encourage players to come out and play. Not only the club but also the federation has its own responsibilities.

The federation needs to work with the government to do great things. For example, other countries offer free visas to their players. He needs to have a lot of contacts and talk to other African countries.

According to experts, a team built from 4 to 10 šeyik’eyeyeru people in the main group say the same year may continue to be qualified. Why did the team that made it to the Africa Cup of Nations get tired right away? Or my African Cup felt the opportunity was?

The lack of a strong club has weakened the national team. There were many strong regional clubs, including Bunna and Giorgis. A great national team is not made by chance but by strength.

Players, we move a little bit. A little victory deceives us. There we will be lost. We think we have done a lot when players have won a little bit. Even Germany and Brazil, who have won the World Cup many times, will continue to do so.